Fair Trade Rubber

An ethical initiative for a brighter tomorrow.

The first light of day signals a fresh start, new opportunities and hope for a brighter future. “Firstlight” is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative of DPL aimed at providing an improved quality of life to disadvantaged farmers located in remote villages of Sri Lanka. The cornerstone of Firstlight is fair trade in rubber latex, in order to empower farmers to be self reliant and to sustain their families by partnering an ethical business initiative in natural rubber production. The Firstlight Foundation addresses wide-ranging issues impacting the lives of these smallholders: from the youngest to the eldest member of their communities.

  • Farmer training on latex tapping, nursery development, natural rubber collection techniques etc.
  • Provision of farm implements to maintain and manage rubber plantations
  • Supply of clean drinking water to local schools
  • Healthcare of farming communities
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Village social events

Firstlight is also a green initiative to sustain the man-made rubber forests.