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DPL wins prestigious Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship award

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(Source: Daily FT; December 7, 2012)

Dipped Products PLC (DPL) has been named winner of the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards 2012 for Southeast Asia, in the 'Investment in People' category. The Hayleys Group's globally-ranked rubber glove manufacturing business clinched the category award for championing sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship through its Firstlight project, which gave the world its first ethical rubber gloves.

"Firstlight is DPL's home-grown sourcing initiative. Coupled with market sustainability and corporate social responsibility, it is aligned to empower smallholder rubber farmers to achieve their full potential," stated Dipped Products Managing Director Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma.

"We engage all components of the value chain, from suppliers to buyers and end customers and in doing so, encourage the move towards ethically sourced and manufactured products. It is truly an honour to represent Sri Lankan corporates, and be ranked amongst the top organisations in the region for sustainable business practices."

DPL will receive the award at an official presentation ceremony to be held on 13 December 2012, in Delhi, India.

Established in 1976, Dipped Products is one of the leading non-medical rubber glove manufacturers in the world, accounting for five per cent share of the global non-medical glove market. DPL's products now reach about 70 countries worldwide.

The Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards program (AREA) recognises and honours Asian businesses for championing sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship in the following categories: green leadership, investment in people, corporate governance, health promotion, social empowerment, SME CSR and responsible business leadership.